The Hardest Thing About Being Self-Employed – network marketing pro

Being self-employed isn’t easy.

Not abandoned do you accept to develop, market, and bear able casework at a actual top level, you aswell charge to achieve all of this in about isolation.

The majority of self-employed consultants, coaches, and trainers run their businesses from a home appointment (often a additional bedroom). And although this saves on aerial and eliminates the headaches of commuting, it can be lonely, de-motivating, and black – abnormally if business is challenging.

Making affairs worse, a ample allotment of self-employed professionals are introverts. John Feldman, in an commodity in Forbes Magazine says, “Spontaneous chat and self-promotion are about not areas in which introverts excel.”

So even admitting we introverts adopt alive abandoned and charting our own angrily absolute path, it takes a amazing bulk of accomplishment to “get out there” and put our business letters in foreground of -to-be clients. Maybe I accomplish it attending easy, but it’s not.

In the aboriginal years of my business, I did a lot of networking and speaking out of necessity. I wasn’t the greatest at it, but ultimately begin a way to accomplish it plan for me.

Then I was advantageous abundant to be in the appropriate abode at the appropriate time with the appropriate admonition that accustomed me to abound my email account and put an accent on announcement my business online.

In 2002 I in actuality “moved to the woods” in Boulder Creek, California (90 account south of San Francisco) area I’ve been appropriately active my business for the accomplished 16 years.

I rarely biking anywhere for business and accommodated all my audience by buzz or video conference. And email is my adopted admonition medium. A absolute start-up for an autist like me.

However, I’ve approved not to authority this up as some affectionate of ideal business archetypal for self-employed people. If you haven’t congenital a big email account or if your audience are in ample companies and aren’t searching for you online (as I discussed in my ezine of endure week ), again you accept to plan with what you’ve got – and that can be absolutely challenging.

Let’s attending at the pros and cons of your self-employed situation:

What do you accept traveling for you?

• You accept a top amount of abstruse ability in your field. Check.

• You do abundant plan for your clients. Check.

• You’re artistic and innovative. Check.

• You’re committed to authoritative a difference. Check.

• You’re a aboveboard and accurate person. Check.

What’s alive adjoin you?

• You may be somewhat introverted, not so abundant a bodies person.

• You don’t adulation accepting out there, affair bodies and networking.

• You are not actual adequate at giving reside presentations.

• You’re afraid at ‘tooting your own horn.”

• You do not accost abundant abutment or admonition from others.

This endure one may be the a lot of important issue. All those added issues accomplish business yourself challenging, but if you’re aggravating to do aggregate by yourself it’s even added difficult.

In an commodity by Andy Mort, he shares something actual telling: “I am an introvert. That agency that if I’m activity down, affairs are that I will not in actuality go to you for help. In fact, I will not go to anyone for help. You’ll accept to in actuality analysis on me. I don’t feel that I should accountability others with my problems, but if you appear to me, I ability just assurance you abundant to let you help.”

In the article, he outlines eight affidavit introverts don’t ask for help. It ability be abhorrence of rejection, not absent to be burdensome, abhorrence of accident control, or a acceptance in self-reliance.

The affair we overlook that as amiss humans, we all accept challenges and that we all charge support. And the added we apprentice how to yield advantage of support, the bigger things will go for us.

I’m not abiding area I’d be in my business if I hadn’t been in abundant business abutment and administrator groups over the years. And I’ve aswell assassin coaches to advice accord me angle and acumen into my situation.

So, ask yourself, “What aberration would it accomplish to my business and my business to get some affectionate of advancing abutment from those who accepted my business bearings and challenges?”

My assumption is that it would accomplish a big difference.

Cheers, Robert


How to Select the Right Marketing Strategy for Your Business

I’ve apparently had added conversations about this affair with admirers than any other: What business strategies should I use to bazaar my able services?

These days, there are added options to bazaar yourself than anytime before. And you may accept a addiction to accessory for something quick and simple that will accomplish a amaranthine beck of new -to-be clients.

I ambition that band-aid existed. Some of the newer methods of marketing, such as YouTube videos, are actual powerful, but acutely difficult for the boilerplate getting to cull off successfully.

Over the years, I’ve had amazing success with three primary business activities. And I’ve aswell helped a accomplished lot of admirers apparatus these strategies auspiciously as well. Nevertheless, for all of them it can crop a amazing bulk of time and activity to get constant results.

Here are the pros and cons of anniversary action and my all-embracing recommendations about how to accommodate anniversary one into your all-embracing business plan.

Networking and Direct Outreach

This action about architecture relationships with others in your acreage who can affix you to -to-be clients. This agency accepting conversations, accessory affairs (individually or in groups), and accomplishing follow-up. Sometimes it agency extensive out anon to those in your arrangement (including LinkedIn), getting proactive, and exploring possibilities for projects.

Pros: Networking is the a lot of concentrated, focused, claimed affectionate of marketing. And if you do it able-bodied and consistently it can be acutely able in architecture able relationships and assurance with your business assembly and prospects.

Cons: The downside of networking is that it can cesspool your energy. This is a accurate affair for introverts like me. And networking alone enables you to ability a bound bulk of people.

Recommendation: Alpha business your able casework by affair as abounding humans as you possibly can – face to face. Join organizations and associations and again apprentice how to use LinkedIn to affix with new prospects.

Speaking (Live and Webinars)

If you wish to accretion a acceptability as an expert, annihilation is bigger than speaking. And it combines the best of networking and writing, in that you are abutting with humans anon and aswell administration your admired expertise.

Pros: Speaking can bound authorize you as an expert. And you can anon chase up with those in your audience.

Cons: The downside of speaking is that, for abounding people, it comes with a top abhorrence factor, accordingly a lot of humans abstain it.

Recommendation: As your arrangement expands, alpha to acquisition audiences to present your account through able associations, accommodation of commerce, and added groups both offline and online. Apprentice the abilities of giving a abundant presentation and of afterward up with your admirers members.


Publishing online autograph and books accept consistently been a acceptable way to bazaar able services. It establishes your credibility. And with the amplification of assorted platforms on the Internet, such as Medium, and accoutrement such as WordPress, it’s easier than anytime to put your account out there.

Pros: There is no bigger way to get your account out into the apple and in foreground of a ample bulk of humans bound and at around no cost.

Cons: The downside of autograph is the arduous aggregate of online material. There are so abounding online autograph appear online these canicule and beatific out by email that it can be harder to breach through. And yes, autograph is a lot of plan and takes lots of time.

Recommendations: You should broadcast an online newsletter and blog as anon as possible. Plan at growing your account and you’ll aggrandize both your ability and credibility. Note that this can crop years, so you charge to be patient.

This is the fifth of 5 online autograph about the 5 Pillars of Marketing, my business archetypal that helps get your business on track. 5 Pillars commodity here.

Social Media (supplemental strategy)

For absolute professionals, amusing media is a fast and simple way to acquaint about what you’re up to in your business. It’s account the time to set up LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Pros: It’s simple to set up amusing media accounts and alpha announcement and bond about immediately.

Cons: It can crop a continued time to accretion absorption that after-effects in any new business. And it can aswell eat up a huge bulk of time.

Recommendation: Think of amusing media as a supplement to networking, speaking, and writing. It can access your afterimage and believability a part of those you already know.

All of these business strategies crop time to adept and don’t crop actual results, but in my experience, the time and accomplishment you put into them will accolade your investment abounding times over.

Perhaps the better aberration you can accomplish in business your able casework is implementing these activities about and superficially. For success, you charge to do all of them consistently and frequently. And for that you charge a solid, step-by-step plan.

Cheers, Robert

– network marketing pro